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Temptation – Evil!

Posted by culinarydelightsgb on October 24, 2007

Temptation comes in the sweetest disguises with the sweetest of intentions, doesn’t it. For example, someone I work with just brought back some leftover baked goods from a meeting she just attended. I am currently on Weight Watchers and I know that I shouldn’t indulge in this kind of food. Then again, WW does allow us the 35 extra points if such a situation like this occurs. Hhmmmmm what do you think? Should I succomb, just a little bit? They look so good, too! Mmmmmm. Help!


One Response to “Temptation – Evil!”

  1. Tresha said

    Hey Stranger Lori! Glad to see that you are doing your thing!!Are you making any pastries for Christmas?

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